digital transformation

Episode 47

‘The Productive Leadership System’ with Author Tom Moriarty

with Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP, ARP-A/E/L
Summary Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP, ARP-A/E/L is President at Alidade MER where he helps organizations achieve organizational reliability through insight, advice and…

Episode 46

Facilities Management Now: Operational Excellence Summit

with Cody Gray & Mike Petrusky of iOFFICE
Summary Cody Gray is Director of Product and Design for the iOFFICE Asset Division where he leads the teams developing the ManagerPlus…

Episode 45

Holistic Physical Asset Management – A Systems Approach

with Dharmen Dhaliah, P.Eng, MBA, PMP, CAMA, MMP, CMRP
Dharmen Dhaliah, P.Eng, MBA, PMP, CAMA, MMP, CMRP is an author and asset management innovator with a career-long record of strategic asset…

Episode 44

A Deeper Dive into Root Cause Analysis Made Simple

with Susan Lubell, P.Eng, MBA, MMP, CAMA of Steppe Consulting
Susan Lubell, P.Eng, MBA, MMP, CAMA is Principal Consultant at Steppe Consulting and Past President of PEMAC, the Asset Management Association of…

Episode 43

EAM, Sustainability, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategies

with Donald Racey of Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting
Donald Racey is Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting where he specializes in improving financial and operational…

Episode 42

A Holistic View of Asset Management

with Jim Dieter, A55K, MIAM, CPPM CF of the Asset Leadership Network
Jim Dieter, A55K, MIAM, CPPM CF is CEO of the Asset Leadership Network and President at aim4ams. He is an internationally respected…

Episode 41

The Next Generation of Facilities Management Leaders and Asset Management Education

with Dr. Roscoe Hightower of Florida A&M University
Roscoe Hightower, Jr., Ph.D. is Centennial Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor of Marketing and Facility Management at the Florida A&M University School…

Episode 40

Critical Industrial Operations, Water Infrastructure and Asset Management Strategies

with David Totman of Innovyze
David Totman is Vice President of Asset Management at Innovyze where he has a passion for infrastructure using CAD and GIS in…

Episode 39

Future Trends & Technology in Facility Management and Asset Management

with Steve Warshaw of Intellis
Steve Warshaw is CEO of Intellis where he provides software for smarter facility condition assessment and capital planning along with tools to…