Episode 11

Lean Maintenance Processes to Bridge the Gap between People and Machines

with Alex Abraham P.Eng., PMP of Lean Success Partners
Alex Abraham is an independent lean industrial engineer and the CEO of Lean Success Partners in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he helps…

Episode 10

Maintenance Management Software and Inspiration for Asset Management Leaders

with Daniel Golub of the iOFFICE Asset Division
Daniel Golub is Vice President of Growth Segment Sales and Process Controls for the iOFFICE Asset Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mike…

Episode 9

The Rapid Evolution of Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Technologies

with Industry-Veteran Emmett Cooke of IBM
Emmett Cooke is an asset management industry-veteran and retired Senior Sales Consultant for IBM now living in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike Petrusky asks…

Episode 8

Enterprise Asset Management, Recapitalization and Long-Term Capital Needs Planning

Cameron Christensen, CEFP, FMP of The Juilliard School
Cameron Christensen, CEFP, FMP is Associate Vice President of Facilities Management at The Juilliard School in New York City and the author…

Episode 7

An Inspirational Facility Management Story

with Darrell Rounds, FMA, C.E.M. of General Motors
Darrell Rounds, FMA, C.E.M. is Operations Group Manager at General Motors in Detroit, MI where he is a leader of all things…
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