Brandon Holden is CEO of Eptura™, the global worktech company that brings together nine software products to provide solutions for people, workplaces and assets to enable everyone to reach their full potential. Mike Petrusky visits Brandon near Eptura’s™ Salt Lake City, UT office to discover the story and vision of the company formed by the merger of iOffice + SpaceIQ with Condeco. With 16.3 million users across 115 countries, Eptura™ is trusted by over 16,000 of the world’s leading companies to realize a better future at work. Mike asks Brandon about the market opportunity, brand strategy and leadership philosophy that drives the team at Eptura™ to help customers meet the expectations of their people today and for the future. They explore the role of the workplace, the evolution of spaces and the power of data in the world of facilities and asset management to optimize collaboration, innovation and productivity. Mike and Brandon offer insights and inspiration for workplace leaders and share how Eptura™ will be the essential tech tool for everyone at work.

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