Episode 105

“Failure is Not an Option” – Sustainability, FM ISO Standards and the Future of the Built Environment

with Stephen Ballesty of In-Touch Advisory
Stephen Ballesty is Director at In-Touch Advisory where he is passionate about delivering sustainable outcomes for his clients while ensuring adherence to…

Episode 104

How the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) Enhances FM and Asset Management

with Maureen Roskoski of FEA and Patrick Dale of GSA
Maureen Roskoski is Vice President at Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) and Patrick Dale is Management & Program Analyst at GSA/OGP Office of…

Episode 103

Understanding Blockchain for the Built Environment & Facility Management

with Brittanie Campbell-Turner of Builderchain & American Family Insurance
Brittanie Campbell-Turner is CEO and Co-Founder of Builderchain and Manager of Workplace Innovation and Construction at American Family Insurance. She is a…

Episode 102

Smart Cities and the Intersection of Technology & Asset Management

with Paul Doherty, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow of The Digit Group, Inc.
Paul Doherty, AIA, CDT, CSI, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow is President and CEO at The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG), a U.S.…

Episode 101

Accessibility and Adaptability for Facilities and People in the Built Environment

with Amanda Broomes of Shaw Contract
Amanda Broomes is Account Manager at Shaw Contract where she is passionate about connecting with people to protect, preserve and beautify substrates…

Episode 100

“A Centennial Celebration” – The Asset Management Trends That Got Us Here

with Susan Lubell, Lucas Marino and Paul Daoust
Susan Lubell, P.Eng, MBA, MMP, CAMA is Principal Consultant at Steppe Consulting, Lucas Marino, D.Eng., PMP is CEO of EAST Partnership and…

Episode 99

Experts Discuss – Must Know BIM to FM Considerations

with Andy Burg of Messer Construction & Nick Stefanidakis of Eptura™
Andy Burg is Vice President of Construction Technology and Innovation at Messer Construction and Nick Stefanidakis is Senior Vice President of Strategic…

Episode 98

2023 Asset Management Industry “Mega-Trends” and Predictions

with Susan Clarke of Autodesk
Susan Clarke is Senior Manager of Building Operations Strategy at Autodesk where she is focused on supporting her team’s expansion into operations…

Episode 97

Priorities for Managing Facilities, People and Asset Lifecycles in 2023

with Judy Leyshon, CFM of AECOM
Judy Leyshon, CFM is Director of Facilities Management for the Americas at AECOM where she is passionate about improving operational performance, maintenance…
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