Episode 115

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with Wendy Libert, CFM of American Institutes for Research

“Purpose Behind The Space” – The Evolution of Facility Management and the Workplace

Wendy Libert is Senior Facilities Manager in the Workplace Management Group at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) where she is passionate…

Episode 114

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with Sean Dalton of NIKA Solutions & IFMA’s Military Community

“Never Stop Learning” – Vital Leadership Lessons in Facility and Asset Management

Sean Dalton is Portfolio Manager at NIKA Solutions where he is an energetic leader & facilities expert with over 20 years of…

Episode 113

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with Lindsey and Joshua Brackett of Legacy FM

“Let’s Be Smart With The Resources We Have” – Health Care Facilities Innovation at the 2023 ASHE Annual Conference

Lindsey Brackett, CHC, CHFM, SASHE is Chief Empowerment Officer at Legacy FM where she is passionate about creating training programs for facility…

Episode 112

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with André Jones, MBA, CFM, FMP of Capital One & Kevin Goode, FMP of the DC Bar

“Be That Champion and Embrace It” – A.I. and the Future of Facility Management

André Jones, MBA, CFM, FMP is Corporate Real Estate Portfolio & Facilities Manager at Capital One and Kevin Goode, FMP is Director…

Episode 111

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with Mahnaz Ensafi, PhD of Procon Consulting

“We Want to Help Facilities & Humans” – The Future of Facility Management Technologies

Mahnaz Ensafi, PhD is a Technology Consultant at Procon Consulting where she has a passion for process and product improvement especially as…

Episode 110

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with Chris Hodges, Maureen Roskoski and Tim Carey of FEA

“Keep the Big Picture in Mind” – Inside the Facility Life Cycle

Chris Hodges is Principal, Maureen Roskoski is Vice President, and Tim Carey is Senior Facility Management Consultant at Facility Engineering Associates (FEA)…

Episode 109

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with Jack Dempsey of the Asset Management Partnership, LLC

“Managing Assets in the Context of Asset Management” – Delivering Value in Facilities

Jack Dempsey is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Asset Management Partnership, a consulting practice specializing in helping others improve outcomes through…

Episode 108

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with Sissi Liu of Metalmark Innovations

“FM as a Key to Good Health” – IAQ, Technology and How Facility Management Drives Well-Being

Sissi Liu is CEO & Co-Founder at Metalmark Innovations where she is passionate about improving indoor air quality, which is essential to…

Episode 107

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with Kristy Ehman of Hyon Software Inc.

“Have Fun With This” – Asset Management Meets the Circular Economy

Kristy Ehman is Founder & CEO of Hyon Software Inc. in Saskatchewan, Canada where she is passionate about “Building North America's Corporate…
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