Episode 71

O&M for Lodging Facilities and Asset Management in Hospitality

with Javier Maldonado, MBA, CFM, RPA®, LEED Green Associate of Pursuit Collection
Javier Maldonado, MBA, CFM, RPA®, LEED Green Associate is Vice President of Construction & Project Development at Pursuit Collection where he manages…

Episode 70

Why Good Data is Never Enough for Asset Management

with Julian Schwarzenbach of Data and Process Advantage
Julian Schwarzenbach is a Consultant, Author, Trainer & Director at Data and Process Advantage where he is passionate about helping organizations improve…

Episode 69

People, Facilities and a Holistic View of Asset Management

with Jeremy Macdonald, SFP, MCR, LEED-AP of ISS Facility Services
Jeremy Macdonald, SFP, MCR, LEED-AP is Head of Business Transformation at ISS Facility Services - North America where he is passionate about…

Episode 68

Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering in Asset Management

with Kelly Kidwell, PE of the Smithsonian Institution
Kelly Kidwell, PE is a Fire Protection Engineer at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC where she applies her years of experience…

Episode 67

Root Cause Analysis – Your New Superpower

with Bob Latino of Prelical Solutions, LLC
Robert (Bob) Latino is Principal at Prelical Solutions, LLC where he is passionate about helping companies learn how to reveal Root Causes…

Episode 66

IoT Sensors and EAM Solutions for Asset Management Challenges in 2022

with Brandon Gunn of the iOFFICE + SpaceIQ Asset Division
Brandon Gunn is Director of Solution Engineering at ManagerPlus, an iOFFICE + SpaceIQ Company where he is passionate about helping customers find…

Episode 65

Building Relationships, Growing Your Career and Influencing the Asset Management World

with Podcast Host Scott MacKenzie of Industrial Talk
Scott MacKenzie, MBA [L.I.O.N] is Podcast Host of Industrial Talk where he shares his passion to optimize opportunity for industrial growth by…

Episode 64

Improving Uptime with Reliability Centered Maintenance

with Nancy Regan of
Nancy Regan is an Author, Trainer, Facilitator and Founder of where she is passionate about what she calls “the most majestic…

Episode 63

Digital Marketing, Data Strategies and Online Communication in Supply Chain and Asset Management

with Dmitrii Kustov of Regex SEO
Dmitrii Kustov is Internet Marketing Director at Regex SEO in Houston, TX where he is a data-driven Marketing Director who helps companies…
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