Audrey Schultz, Ph.D. is Chairperson and Professor of Construction Management, Facilities Management & Real Estate Practice Programs at Pratt Institute where she is passionate about the importance of education and innovation in the future of the built environment. Mike Petrusky asks Audrey about her philosophy for empowering the next generation of FM leaders as there is a need for continuous learning with the rapid changes and advancements in the industry. Mike and Audrey explore how technology is becoming increasingly important in the facilities management and construction management industry, with tools like drones and digital twins streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Audrey believes the industry needs to focus more on sustainability, with initiatives like the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals being integrated into education programs. Mike and Audrey agree that networking and public speaking are crucial skills for success in FM and they recommend that students take courses and participate in events that will help them develop these skills. Tune in for the inspiration and encouragement you need to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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