Cassandra Yocum is Technical Marketing Manager at Autodesk Tandem, where she is passionate about educating the AECO industries about the digital twin while using her “very particular set of skills. Mike Petrusky asks Cassandra about her role as host of The Digital Thread Podcast and they share stories of connection through their experiences as podcasters and their common interests in movies and Irish music. They explore the opportunities in asset management for using technology and get practical by defining and describing the digital twin while also explaining the differences and confusion around BIM. Research shows that 95% of all data is lost at project handover while 85% of building operators struggle with poor and fragmented data, contributing to inefficient decision making and processes. Mike and Cassandra discuss how facility managers and building owners should collaborate with AEC firms to help them build, create, and leverage the power of the digital twin. They offer inspiration and lots of laughs as they encourage you to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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