Matt Davoren is President & C.O.O. at CADD Microsystems, Inc. where he is focused on using technology to better our lives – one solution at a time. Recorded live in Las Vegas during Autodesk University 2023, Mike Petrusky asks Matt about his experiences, views on technology, and his believe in the importance of continuous learning in the asset and facility management industry. They discuss the trends revealed during this amazing event and Matt shares his views around the transformation of disconnected information islands into connected data as we continue to digitize the built environment. A.I. has the potential to help manage and manipulate information, making it a less manual process and more valuable to building owners and operators. So, Mike and Matt explore the strategies and tools available to better transfer data during the commissioning and handover process, including BIM and digital twins. It is an exciting time for facility management professionals and Matt will inspire you to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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