Peter Costanzo is Director at ROI Consulting Group where he is passionate about delivering workplace technology solutions that optimize operations, streamline processes, and increase the accuracy of data to reduce costs. Recorded live in Las Vegas during Autodesk University 2023, Mike Petrusky asks Peter about how the latest FM technology is expected to bring significant improvements to workplaces, making them healthier and more efficient. They explore the concept of a digital twin, an electronic representation of a physical space, and the use of sensors in buildings becoming more prevalent and contributing to the development of smart buildings. Peter believes that good data from the design and construction process is crucial for effective facilities management and he shares how he helps businesses select the right technology, considering both their current needs and future trends. Mike and Peter share about the exciting opportunity to connect the asset management industry through IFMA’s IT Community and Autodesk as they encourage you to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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