Richard Gunpat, CFM, FMP, SFP is a facilities and asset management leader with over twenty years of experience in engineering, energy consulting, and aviation, with many credentials across multiple disciplines. He is a Mechanical Engineer for the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and was recently recognized as IFMA’s 2023 Emerging Professional of the Year. Mike Petrusky asks Richard to share about his journey in facility management, his involvement with IFMA, and the importance of facilities condition assessments which he believes should be viewed from a sustainable standpoint, considering factors such as energy efficiency and decarbonization. They explore the role of technology in the built environment, the power of community and credentials and Richard offers his advice for other facility management practitioners. Mike and Richard agree that IFMA offers FM professionals a place to pursue new credentials that will help leaders overcome challenges and enable you to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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