Sharon Jaye, D.Ed, SFP is Building Performance Policy Manager at the City and County of Denver where she is passionate about leading the team that is implementing Denver’s Building Performance Policy for the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency in the High Performance Buildings and Homes division. Mike Petrusky asks Sharon about how making buildings more sustainable not only improves operating costs and the quality of the facility, but also can improve the lives of the people in the built environment. Building performance standards give facility managers a way to get approval for their projects by improving the return on investment calculation and value of the initiative. Sharon believes it is essential for FM professionals to be involved in the early stages of building design and construction to ensure energy management is prioritized to ensure compliance with energy efficiency goals now and in the future. Mike and Sharon share stories and inspiration from their time being involved at IFMA and they encourage you to be an Asset Champion in your organization!

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