Deniz Besiktepe, PhD, FMP, ProFM is an assistant professor in the Purdue University School of Construction Management Technology where she focuses on research interests that include facilities management, building maintenance, condition assessment, decisionmaking models, and implementing datadriven techniques in the FM area. Mike Petrusky asks Deniz her thoughts about preparing the next generation for different trends and technologies in the future of the built environment and she believes that the key will be to focus on their adaptability. They discuss how technology offers facility management leaders the ability to process a large amount of data in a short time, which can result in better outcomes when human experience is added to the decisionmaking process. Emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt and innovate are crucial skills for the future workforce, and both Deniz and Mike support the IFMA Foundation’s mission to help students prepare for what comes next while they also offer ideas and encouragement to help you be an Asset Champion!

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