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Episode 127

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with Randall Niznick, DCP, FMP of JLL

“In Service To Others” – A US Navy Seabee’s Journey from the Military to Facility Management Leadership

Randall Niznick, DCP, FMP is a self-published author and professional services executive working in Corporate Real Estate Services as Senior Director of…

Episode 126

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with Tom Sicola of Focal Point

“Changes Are Coming” – How To Educate Yourself for What’s Next in CRE and Managing the Built Environment

Tom Sicola is an Executive Business and Leadership Coach specializing in CRE operations and engineering, with a particular focus on helping transitioning…

Episode 125

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with Deniz Besiktepe, PhD, FMP, ProFM of Purdue University

“They Have This Adaptability” – Preparing the Next Generation of Facility Management Leaders

Deniz Besiktepe, PhD, FMP, ProFM is an assistant professor in the Purdue University School of Construction Management Technology where she focuses on…

Episode 124

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with Sharon Jaye, D.Ed, SFP of the City and County of Denver

“Improve Our Lives” – Building Performance Standards and Energy Efficiency Strategies

Sharon Jaye, D.Ed, SFP is Building Performance Policy Manager at the City and County of Denver where she is passionate about leading…

Episode 123

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with Fred Kraus of Eptura™

“Make Better Decisions” – Autodesk University, AI, Facilities Data and the Building Life Cycle

Fred Kraus is VP of Product at Eptura™ where he is a software product strategist, product management leader, and workplace technology expert.…

Episode 122

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with Peter Costanzo of ROI Consulting Group

“Technology Coming Together” – Digital Twins for Facility Management

Peter Costanzo is Director at ROI Consulting Group where he is passionate about delivering workplace technology solutions that optimize operations, streamline processes,…

Episode 121

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with Ted Ritter, IFMA Fellow and Geoff Williams CFM, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow

“The Greatest Opportunity” – Exploring FM Technologies at IFMA’s IT Community

Ted Ritter, IFMA Fellow is Principal at LMI360, a sales and marketing organization focused on commercial service and technology providers that support…

Episode 120

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With Matt Davoren of CADD Microsystems, Inc.

“It’s About Asking Questions” – Asset Management Insights from Autodesk University

Matt Davoren is President & C.O.O. at CADD Microsystems, Inc. where he is focused on using technology to better our lives -…

Episode 119

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with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky

“On My Way To Work” – Introducing A New Video Series Available Exclusively On YouTube

Follow this link to watch Mike Petrusky and his guests on the new video series “On My Way To Work”: https://youtu.be/cXYDv-AYY0A More…
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